Turbidofluorimeter BioTF


Product Description

Turbidofluorimeter BioTF, GOST-R № 56270-14.

Turbidofluorimeter BioTF is an instrument to measure the dynamic change of light scattering intensity and fluorescence at given temperatures in turbid microbiological liquids and solutions. The phenomenon of fluorescence, the visible or invisible radiation produced from certain substances as a result of incident radiation of given wavelengths, lies in the core of the method (fluoremeter measurement channel). BioTF instrument and method are based on the ability of light to disperse and to get absorbed by the particles suspended in liquids (turbidemeter measurement channel). When measuring fluorescence in turbid solutions the value of the solution turbidity is taken into account. Sample analyses are carried out in test tubes with flat lids. Test tubes are thermostated at given temperatures.

Light-emitting diodes with a given spectral characteristics are used as a source of light. Scattered light, in case of turbidity measurement, and excited light, in case of fluorescence measurement goes through light filters to photo receivers, which turn incident light into electric signal. Tests results are processed by BioTF software, which allows scientists to use a wide range of applications to implement different microbiological tasks with the help of BioTF instrument. BioTF software is used to process experiment results. There are several software applications designed to implement certain tasks on BioTF Turbidofluorimeter. Applications are methods and techniques encoded into computer programs. Applications interpret commands for measuring device, collect and process data according to its algorithm.

Additional Information

Spectral range

nm 400 – 650

Measurement range for formazine suspension

100 to 1000 FTU

Repeatability for formazine measurement

±5% from 100 – 1000 FTU

Repeatability for Rhodamine G measurement

±5% from 0.4 – 4.0 μM

Temperature setting range °С

30 – 43

Deviation of the temperature from the mean value

± 1 °С

Instrument dimensions

70 x 70 x 70 mm

Instrument weight

0.15 kg

USB power supply voltage

5 V

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