Milk analyzer “Ecomilk” 9 parameters


Product Description

Robust, reliable, automated multi-parameter milk analyzer based on ultrasonic technology;

Rapid test for Fat, Solids Not Fat, Density, Added Water Protein Freezing point, pH, Temperature, Titrable acidity, Conductivity, Lactose and Milk Cream channel

Milk conductivity measuring system

  • Milk conductivity changes depend on the concentration of ions in the milk.
  • Can be used as a test of udder health (detection of subclinical mastitis);
  • Can be used as a test of grade of water evaporation in production of condense milk;
  • Milk conductivity change notifies of powder (dry) milk solution rate.

Titratable Acidity

  • This option transforms pH value to titratable acidity in °Th / %La / °SH / °D using one of the three tables of correspondence (1 default and 2 user’s) stored in the analyzer’s memory.


  • The simple disaccharide lactose represents about 5% of the milk content. Measurement of lactose is important because it contributes to the sensory and functional properties of milk thus determines the quality of milk products.

External serial thermal printer

  • Print a recipe with the result of the current measurement.

Additional Information


0.5% to 12% with accuracy ±0.1%

Solids non fat (SNF)

6% – 12% with accuracy ±0.2%

Milk density

1.0200 g/cm³ – 1.0400 g/cm³ ±0.0005 g/cm³


2% – 6% with accuracy ±0.2%

Freezing Point

from 0 to -1.00°C with accuracy ±0.015°C

Added water to milk

0% – 60% with accuracy ±5%

pH + t°C

0,00 – 10 pH with accuracy ±0,02
0 – 50°C with accuracy ±0.1°C

pH + t°C + titratable acidity

0,00 – 10 pH with accuracy ±0,02
0 – 50°C with accuracy ±0.1°C
°Th, % La, °SH, °D

Milk Cream channel

0 – 50°C with accuracy ±0.1°C
homogenized fat: max 12%
non-homogenized fat: max 20%

* Conductivity

2 – 10 mS/cm with accuracy ±0.2% mS/cm (18°C)

* Lactose

0.5% to 7% with accuracy ±0.2%

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